After the roaring success of last years play, the classic comedy Abigail’s Party, we are pleased to bring a night of laughter and fun with these two, one act plays by David Tristram

LAST TANGO IN LITTLE GRIMLEY: Little Grimley Amateur Dramatics Society is struggling. The number of members has dropped to four and when they put on a show the audiences are about the same size. They try their best with everything they do but somehow it never seems to go to plan. Their aim is to come up with a BIG idea to save their society..

Gordon has written a play and obviously the only thing that sells tickets is……SEX…… but will the locals enjoy this sizzling sex comedy?
All is revealed in this fast-paced comedy of a troubled Am-Dram society

LAST PANTO IN LITTLE GRIMLEY: After the success of their previous production in which sex definitly DID sell, we are heading back to the hall where Chairman Gordon’s creative jucies have been flowing again and has writen a panto with a twist…. . a “SEX PANTO”.

It’s a twist on the classic Dick Whittington, with his cast of Joyce, Margaret & himself, and obviously Brenard gets dragged in to help.
After the success of their previous production, does everything go to plan?……