Get Involved

Feb 8, 2021

You can help support All Saints Elton Theatre Company by becoming a member or giving your time as a volunteer.

Child/Student Membership

At All Saints Elton Theatre Company we consistently encourage young members to become part of our thriving theatrical journey. If you are 18 or younger or in full-time education you can enjoy full yearly membership at a discounted rate.  Please email for further information and to request a membership form.

Full Adult Membership

At All Saints Elton Theatre Company we have members of all ages, if you are over 18 years of age then this membership is the type for you. This membership is for those interested in a performing and non-performing role within the Society. Please email for further information and to request a membership form.

How does our membership work?

A child/student/full adult membership is required to participate in one or more of our productions and events. There is a minimum 12-month commitment upon becoming an honorary member of All Saints Elton Theatre Company. Your membership starts from the date that payment is received by us. Upon receiving your completed membership form our Membership Team will send you a welcome email, and for purposes of simplicity you will be classed as an honorary member in lieu of your first payment reaching our account. For those who are due to take a performing role in a production/event then you will be required to pay your membership on or before the first rehearsal for that production/event.

Further expected payments in relation to being in our productions/events.

At All Saints Elton Theatre Company it is customary with all our productions and events to request an associated show fee donation for each participant performing in the production/event. This donation varies and depends on the production/event and is a way that each member can contribute towards the huge costs involved with our productions and events. This information will be production/event specific and will be made available to any prospective cast member prior to auditions/rehearsals.

Behind the Scenes

We know that performing on stage is not for everybody. Therefore, we know we could not run our productions and events without a huge team of people helping in many different ways. The areas that we often need help with are listed below. If you would like to get involved in our productions and events on a volunteer basis then please do contact us at

  • Costume design
  • Sewing and dressmaking
  • Backstage help
  • Prop Coordinator
  • Front of House support for productions and events
  • Fundraising
  • Managing and building sets